Our History

Established as a new family run business in 2009, McElhinnney & Co are proud to have built their firm based upon a commitment to forming strong, long lasting business relationships. This provides a solid foundation to the firm and a strong office presence in their local area of Bearsden.

Our Focus

Our focus is on your needs. We believe in investing time getting to know you, forging close working relationships. By gaining a deep understanding of you and your business we highlight money-saving opportunities, helping to improve profits and support growth.

Adding value to your business underlies all work we carry out. Our expertise in accountancy matters and up-to-the-minute taxation advice allows you to reduce tax and maximise profits - we consider that planning ahead for tax, together with the tax efficient extraction of profits is vital for the long term success of any business.

Our Fees

​We understand that managing your accountancy spend effectively is a critical objective for you.

At McElhinney & Co we ensure cost certainty for clients by providing transparent fees, clearly set out in advance of the commencement of work. Where this is not possible, e.g. where an urgent matter may arise, we will issue a fee note proposal for your review and approval following completion. By doing so, we allow clients to manage their budgets effectively.

Our fees are charged by reference to time spent and the level of expertise involved. In our fee note proposals we clearly set out all areas of work and costs incurred. In addition, we seek fixed fee arrangements whenever possible.

Finally, we work with you to help provide us with clear and precise records. In the long-term this reduces our time, helping to reduce your accountancy fees.